Investment and working capital loan

Entrepreneurs often have to resort to external financing. We checked what conditions they can count on when applying for a working capital and investment loan. Companies willingly use external financing, especially from banking products. In addition to leasing, credit is one of the most popular types of liabilities owned by entrepreneurs. About 43 percent choose […]

Real estate loan: everything about transferability

  This has been said for several months: despite a slow rise in real estate rates since December, they continue to be at extremely low levels. Still, no one can predict their evolution in the coming years. In other words, nothing says that borrowers will be able to enjoy, in 2, 5 or 10 years, […]

Infographics: Aided Loans and Credit Redemption

Granted by lenders who have an agreement or an agreement with the State, the loans can finance up to the totality of a real estate project (purchase, construction, renovation). However, if these credits can be repurchased, what are the conditions to know before you buy back your loan? The main loans helped: the characteristics and […]