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              The world famous medical tourism exhibition CMTF will be hold(The latest news, 2020 Chengdu exhibition suspended)
              As a well-known medical tourism exhibition in China, the exhibition area is expected to be 10,000 square meters, and there will be nearly 300 top global companies from 38 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, which will attract 15,000 High-end people visited the meeting.

              A classic review
              From 2015 to 2019, the Chengdu, Shanghai, and Beijing medical tourism exhibitions include 20 major exhibition groups from Germany, the United States, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, and South Korea, as well as more than 950 top medical institutions in China. Degree of internationalization.
              International pavilions include international pavilions including German Living Cell Therapy Center, German PDG, German Orchard Biomedical, German Affinity Medical Group, Paul Niehans Medicate Group, Massachusetts Medical International, RSMC Reproductive Science Medical Center in the United States, Emmy San Diego Reproduction Center, ETO International, Mengmei HRC, Japan JMHC, Japan Nisshin Medical, EAJ (Weimajie), Japan Okinawa Medical, Japan MEJ, Japan JMS, Japan JTB, Shanghai Senmao Clinic, Kailong Spain, Thailand Tourism Board Well-known medical service organizations such as Thailand's Cumming Hospital, Thailand's Vittani Hospital, Superior ART, Cocoon Medical Spa, Korea's Incheon Medical Consortium, Korea's Original Plastic Surgery, Korea's Dankook University, Korea's Gyeonggi-do Tourism Development Bureau, and Hong Kong Victoria Harbor.
              Domestic high-end medical institutions include: Shengnuo Family, United Family, Youxiang International, Beijing Ruibod Health Management, Beijing New Milestone Cancer Hospital, Lu Daopei Medical Group, Beijing Langshu International Medical, Xindeheng Clinic, Beijing Kangnuotaihua , Tianyi Welfare, Yizhou Health, Inner Mongolia Yongtai Hospital, Beijing Kaishi Biological, Dr. Chunyu, Chengen Tumor, First Health, etc.
              The data shows that during the three-day exhibition period, the organizer received business bosses, CEOs, corporate executives, professional managers, staff of institutions in China, high-end clubs, private jet clubs, golf clubs, overseas entrepreneurs, and foreign ambassadors from various industries. 110,000 people including consulates, financial and securities institutions, family property management institutions, industry associations, chambers of commerce, business schools, and art groups visited the conference.

              Highlights of famous experts Interpretation of medical development trends
              During the exhibition, the “Belt and Road” International Medical Tourism and Health Industry Conference was held concurrently, “New International Medical Trends”, “Interpretation and Prospect of China ’s Medical Tourism Market, Discussion and Exploration of China ’s Medical Consumer Service Market”, “Discussion on Expansion of Chinese Medical Tourism and International The integration and interaction of the medical tourism market "" Construction of global and Chinese patient delivery channels ". It will attract the participation of high-level representatives from the medical and health tourism industry in 58 countries, including national tourism bureaus, medical tourism promotion agencies, international hospitals, private specialist clinics, medical beauty institutions, anti-aging medical institutions, medical health tourism institutions, airlines, Medical insurance companies, tourism and vacation real estate developers, real estate operators, health management agencies, medical equipment companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.
              The 2020 “Belt and Road” International Medical Tourism and Health Industry Conference will provide exchanges, dialogues, information sharing, project docking, win-win cooperation and win-win internationalization and industrialization for the elites of the international medical tourism, health tourism, and health eco-tourism industry chain. Innovation platform.

              Display content
              Exhibits include dozens of medical tourism projects including test-tube babies, precision medical examinations, medical plastic surgery, anti-aging of fresh living cells, health care, intensive care, health management, and customized tourism.

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