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              1. One-stop understanding of multi-national medical care, there is always one for you.

              Assisted reproductive technologies in countries such as the United States, Thailand, Cambodia, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, etc. help infertile families, older children, second-child reproduction, same-sex reproduction, and families with genetic diseases to obtain ideal healthy babies;

              Japan's sophisticated physical examination and early cancer screening kills the disease in the cradle, and makes you and your family's health a shackle;

              European and American intensive care brings hope for family rehabilitation to patients;

              Korean medical beauty plastic surgery technology, era beauty, my type of plastic, help you rebuild your confidence! ;

              Anti-aging technology and stem cell treatment in Germany and Switzerland let your skin forget your age and help you retain your youthful beauty.

              2, on-site one-on-one consultation, comparison campaign

              For C-end customers with high-end medical needs, we have gathered a number of similar suppliers to facilitate face-to-face consultation and comparison, and to select the most cost-effective medical or service organization. Contrast service, price, quality, here, you are the party, the choice is in the hands, and save the time and economic costs of overseas inquiries and field trips.

              3. Find like-minded partners

              For the B-end audience who have invested or intend to invest in overseas medical care, the exhibition can help you to learn more and better overseas medical projects with market prospects to help you connect with high-quality and reliable international hospitals or medical service institutions. Open up overseas medical tourism market and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

              4. Pre-register for participation and enjoy VIP privileges
              ☆ Fast entry, skip the line
              ☆ Free lunch for groups of 5 or more

              ☆ Free food of VIP's room
              ☆ Received electronic journal

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              • Mobile phone:020-8413 8131
              • address:Room 713, Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre, No. 8 Pazhou
              • E-mail:zhenghe@expozh.com

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