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              To prepare for market recovery and warm-up, Jetnin will soon attend the Shanghai exhibition

              Combined with the epidemic prevention and control measures, China and Thailand's entry and exit restrictions have been gradually relaxed. The Thai government has also issued a series of policies to support tourists visiting Thailand for medical or tourism purposes. At present, some foreigners have applied to enter Thailand, and China is the main one. One of the source countries. It is reported that the Thai Cabinet has adopted measures to open up tourists to Thailand in October. This measure stipulates that inbound tourists must be long-term tourists in Thailand and will comply with relevant anti-epidemic regulations.

              At the same time, Thailand's Jetnin Hospital, one of Thailand's benchmarks in assisted reproduction, has gradually accepted Chinese patients who are admitted to the hospital on medical visas for isolation and treatment. In order to better prepare for the market recovery and warm-up, Jetnin will soon attend the International Medical Tourism Exhibition to be held in Shanghai in November, and continue to make preparations for market education, intermediary agency docking and drainage.

              Jetnin Hospital receives many patients from China every year. Because of its high-level medical services, it has won a good reputation among domestic intermediary agencies and patients.

              What's the secret of Jetanin in Thailand, which is so praised by the Chinese, that is outstanding among many Thai hospitals? This article will simply reveal the secret for everyone!

              For 25 years of dedicated service to families who desire children, the golden sign of IVF has become a brand advantage

              Jetnin Hospital was established in 1996. A group of obstetricians and gynecologists proficient in the treatment of infertility and a scientific research team proficient in embryo breeding led by police lieutenant Jongjate Aojanepong, Dr. Zhong Jie, was jointly established. Jetanin is the first hospital in Thailand to successfully use the GIFT method to treat infertility, and it is also the first in Thailand and even Asia to successfully use the TESE / ICSI (testicular sperm extraction/sperm injection) method to help the male infertile couple have their own lives Child's assisted reproductive center.

              25 years of accumulated profound experience gives Jetnin Hospital a unique advantage in the third-generation IVF technology, and its professionalism and rigor allow them to maintain a perennial leadership position in Thailand's IVF hospitals.

              A complete lineup of physicians and medical team to ensure that all IVF treatments are completed closely in the hospital

              Jetanin Hospital is a comprehensive infertility treatment hospital. There are 9 doctors in the hospital including the founder Dr. Zhong Jie. Each doctor is experienced and has a supporter in China. In addition, the hospital has a professional medical team composed of several embryologists, geneticists, urologists, anesthesiologists, and nursing staff to ensure that all cutting-edge technologies and procedures can be carried out autonomously in the hospital.

              Double the effort to give patients absolute peace of mind

              In the 4 large-scale laboratories (conventional laboratory, embryo laboratory, genetic laboratory, semen analysis laboratory) built by Jetnin Hospital, a rigorous "two-person supervision mechanism" is adopted in every step of the process to avoid any operation Mistakes also represent Jetnin's infinite pursuit of integrity, accuracy, and details.

              Careful care, scientifically formulate personalized treatment plan, show humanistic care

              The infertility treatment status of each pair of patients depends on the patient’s own conditions. In order to maximize the success of each patient, Jetnin’s medical team will follow up the specific treatment cycle in daily meetings. And strictly formulate the treatment plan according to the requirements. At the same time, during the epidemic, many local Thai patients were still admitted to the hospital. For this reason, the hospital strengthened its in-hospital protection to ensure the health and safety of patients and medical teams.

              Jetnin's medical services

              IVF test tube reproduction / ICSI sperm injection
              PGT pre-implantation genetic testing
              Frozen eggs
              IUI intrauterine insemination
              IMSI high multiple screening single sperm injection
              PESA/TESE sperm extraction technology
              Semen analysis
              MACS magnetic screening sperm
              Sperm DNA fragmentation analysis
              Screening for abnormal gene carriers
              Frozen sperm
              Blastocyst culture
              Embryo real-time image monitoring system
              Frozen embryo

              At the International Medical Tourism Exhibition held in Shanghai in November, Jetnin Hospital will have local Thai physicians and customer service departments on-site to communicate and interact with visiting guests and exchange opinions. At the same time, there will be an interactive meeting ceremony. Welcome to the booth of Jetnin Hospital and let us talk about the prospects for the recovery of medical tourism in Thailand!

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