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              Take a look at the highlights of CMTF exhibition first, this healthy event should not be missed!

              November 10-12, 2020, sponsored by Guangzhou Zhenghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., China Reproductive Health Industry Association, Shanghai Cancer Rehabilitation Club, Dance with Cancer, Kangai Commune, Family and Friends Association, Shanghai Life Oasis Public Welfare Service Center and other units vigorously Supported by the 15th Shanghai International Medical Tourism Exhibition and the "Belt and Road" International Medical Tourism and Health Conference will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Next, we will take stock of the exciting content of this grand health industry feast.

              Selection of Best Hospitals and Medical Service Institutions

              The selection will take the form of online democratic voting. Through nearly half a month’s voting, the ten most popular international hospitals and medical service institutions will be selected. The award-winning institutions will receive exclusive medals and dozens of awards at the 2020 Medical Tourism Festival. According to media reports, the selection activity aims to motivate participants to become industry leaders and enhance service quality and awareness of building reputation.

              A gathering of talents in the industry, with their respective strengths

              This exhibition will attract nearly two hundred well-known international hospitals and medical service organizations to participate, including the famous Japanese hospital-Tokyo University Hospital, and the British large private medical group Circle Health UK-the first medical institution in Greater China-Yuanhe Medical , U.S. authoritative test tube baby service-Grabble American pregnancy, Thai private general hospital-Phayathai Racha Hospital, Russian assisted reproductive pilot agency-Love Optimal, German Cell Therapy-Fresh Cell Clinic, Swiss Anti Aging-LA CLINIC MONTREUX, Korean Medical-Meidi Runde, Singapore General Hospital-Xin Jiaxin, domestic high-end medical benchmark-United Family, authoritative overseas medical service agency-Shengnuo Family, etc.

              Professional lectures to promote academic exchanges

              Concurrent lectures were mainly held on topics such as assisted reproduction (reproductive health), severe (cancer) treatment, cell therapy & anti-aging, including the directors of well-known hospitals in China, Japan, the United States, Thailand, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, etc. Authoritative academicians and experts conduct related academic lectures to promote the sharing and exchange of international high-quality medical technology. Topics include preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis, assisted reproduction to overcome infertility and modern methods, world medical oncology research, research and treatment in the field of cells, etc.

              Facing cancer patients and launching a feast of popular science knowledge

              The organizing committee and the Cancer Patients Association jointly organized tumor patients and their families to hold a science feast on tumor treatment and prevention at the same place, and invited famous hospitals with advanced cancer treatment levels such as China, the United States, Japan and Singapore to conduct easy-to-understand science. Topics covered include the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in tumor prevention and treatment, the correct application of targeted drugs, the differences and causes of cancer survival rates between China and foreign countries, cancer screening and early diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, there will be a question-answering session for patients to ask questions and experts, so that anti-cancer stars can share their anti-cancer history and experience, so that more patients can increase their confidence in anti-cancer and learn about various scientific methods of cancer prevention and treatment.

              Pay attention to the rainbow ethnic group and embrace multiculturalism

              The organizer cooperates with community organizations such as the Family and Friends Association to set up a private exchange venue for the Rainbow audience, popularize multicultural knowledge, and explore solutions to meet their psychological needs, reproductive needs and health needs. At the same time, it integrates new cultural elements such as multi-family and care, women's health, pink economy, and home ownership to show the charm of multiculturalism.

              Focus on the industry and explore new markets

              The medical tourism market is in the ascendant. The development of new projects, new layout and planning are the focus of the practitioners. This section invites representatives of the medical tourism pioneer area, high-end medical and cross-border medical outstanding enterprises to give lectures and exchange meetings, including Wang Xiaoou, Chairman of Boao Lecheng Health Industry Promotion Association, Ma Liqing, Dean of Shanghai United Family, Cai Qiang, founder of Shengnuo Family, Shao Yujia, founder of Taidongfang, Liu Baojun, investor of Longduhua Reproductive Medicine Center, etc. Convened with the focus of the industry, the industry is united and developed in a group, contributing to the recovery and development of the medical tourism market.

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