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              Brand chain, establish IVF alliance

              "The exploration of medicine is endless, and technological innovation breeds happiness." Since the establishment of Cathay Health Medical Group in 2008, it has always adhered to this belief and contributed wisdom and strength to the application and development of human assisted reproductive technology.

              Cathay Health Medical Group is a large professional medical group with human assisted reproductive technology as its main investment direction. At present, the capital cities of Hubei Province, Jiangxi Province, and Guizhou Province, Wuhan (Wuhan Kangjian Maternity and Infant Hospital), Nanchang (Nanchang Kangjian Reproductive Hospital), and Guiyang (Guizhou Rui Deer Maternity and Obstetrics Hospital) have been officially operated human assistive technology (test tube). Infant) is qualified to establish a reproductive center. Based in Central China, radiating to the southwest region, sharing experts and technology, establishing a professional reproductive medical group, which is also unique in the domestic reproductive field.

              Leading technology, test tube baby level far exceeds domestic

              Cathay Pacific Health Medical Group is one of the few specialized IVF medical groups with an assisted reproductive technology license in China. It has an industry-leading reproductive medical service system and strong medical technology guarantee capabilities.

              After years of development, the reproductive centers of the three fully-funded hospitals have more than 6000 successful IVF cycles per year, with a cumulative success rate of over 80%, and the IVF success rate is much higher than the national average.

              Strong strength, complete and first-class hardware and software equipment

              Cathay Pacific Health Medical Group's Reproductive Center has advanced equipment and strict management and control. It has consulting rooms, examination rooms, follicle monitoring rooms, injection rooms, sperm retrieval rooms, andrology laboratories, archives, data rooms, observation rooms, publicity classrooms, and dispensing rooms Waiting for clinical diagnosis and treatment rooms. There are also rooms for egg retrieval operation room, transplant operation room, embryo culture room, semen processing room, and freezing storage room. Among them, the culture room is a thousand-level laminar flow purification area, and the egg collection room and the transplant room are ten thousand-level laminar flow purification areas.

              Able to implement many new laboratory technologies such as blastocyst culture, blastocyst freezing and assisted hatching. The purely sterile operating environment of the laboratory can ensure the smooth progress of IVF surgery.

              In addition to advanced hardware configuration, Cathay Health Medical Group has a large number of talents, including nearly a thousand IVF experts, professional medical staff and staff. The experts of the reproductive center team are experienced, superb medical skills, rigorous and standardized, and are well-known in the field of assisted reproduction. They are the founders and backbones of many well-known national reproductive centers. They have served as the general directors and clinical leaders of major reproductive centers. Personnel, laboratory directors, as well as specially-appointed experts from the national and provincial assisted reproductive technology expert review teams, have skilled technology and rich reproductive clinical experience.

              People-oriented, achieving a healthy future

              Cathay Health Medical Group has strong strength and a strong team of experts, which is far higher than the domestic test tube baby level. It has a wide range of social influence and reputation at home and abroad, providing comprehensive services to tens of thousands of patients from all over the country. The medical services provided by China have solved the difficulty of fertility, and brought hope of love to countless families experiencing fertility difficulties, enabling countless families to achieve "consummation"!

              Doctors are benevolent, while the group is developing, it does not forget to uphold social responsibility and is committed to public welfare. So far, the 10,000 yuan group purchase test tube, 100 free test tubes, free fertility project evaluation, artificial insemination public welfare assistance, fertility assistance and other projects have sent professional consultation and treatment to thousands of infertile families to help them Complete the gestation of dreams.

              Ride the wind and waves to win the future

              Medical technology is the key to open the door to the progress of human society. It affects human life. It also constantly promotes changes and affects human health, allowing technology to nurture life and let happiness set sail.

              Cathay Pacific Health Medical Group will continue to focus on key provincial capital cities in the future to establish a large-scale reproductive health service industry group covering the country. Layout in the industry model, forming a chain of specialist medical service network, becoming the largest health service organization in China and even the world, and working hard for the development and dedication of China's medical and health industry

              "Creating life and nurturing happiness" is our vision, and it is our direction.

              Note: The above information is provided by the exhibitor. If your rights are violated, please contact the back office for processing.

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              • address:Room 713, Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre, No. 8 Pazhou
              • E-mail:zhenghe@expozh.com

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