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              The CMTF medical tourism exhibition will be held in November!

              The 15th CMTF Shanghai International Medical Tourism Exhibition, organized by Guangzhou Zhenghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and World Medical Tourism Industry Alliance, will be held in Hall W3 of Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 10-12. The exhibition includes assisted reproduction. , Critical Care, Precision Physical Examination, Stem Cell Therapy and Anti-aging, Medical Beauty, Maternal and Child Health, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc., including China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Germany and Switzerland Hundreds of international hospitals and medical service institutions from countries and regions such as, Hong Kong and Taiwan participated.
              During the exhibition, special medical services from various countries will gather together, and famous doctors from all over the world will be present to provide personalized diagnosis and treatment plans for various health needs, including Shengnuo Family, United Family, Cathay Health Medical, JTB, Banqiao, Jetnin, Longdu Hua, IMB, GFG·USA, HRC, Saipan Reproductive Center, Love Optimal, NGC, Yuanhe Medical, Taidongfang, Kedou Medical, Ai Shangxin Valley, Maohuang Industrial, Chuangshi Heritage, Yihuitang Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc. More than 200 exhibitors will attend.
              The 2020 World Reproductive Medicine (Shanghai) Forum, World Oncology Symposium and Cell Therapy and Anti-aging Medicine Conference will be held at the same time as the exhibition. The conference will involve the recovery and development of the medical tourism industry in the post-epidemic era, preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis, World oncology research, popular science for tens of thousands of people-cancer knowledge lectures, cell research and treatment, pink economy-focus on health, elderly care and home ownership, assisted reproduction to overcome infertility and modern methods, multi-family and care and other hot topics in multiple fields , By inviting relevant well-known experts and industry experts to conduct dozens of academic lectures, knowledge popularization lectures and exchange meetings, to share the latest industry information and trends, advanced medical technology and medical experience in related fields to the audience.
              The epidemic has made people attach great importance to health, which will affect people's consumer behavior, and the health industry will usher in new opportunities. Based on the huge appeal of the Chinese market and the industry's expectations for the post-epidemic market recovery, many overseas institutions have either entrusted domestic partners or cooperated with the epidemic prevention and control requirements to enter the exhibition in an orderly manner. To make up for this regret, some exhibitors will use the Internet to connect remotely to build a green communication channel for visitors and foreign experts. In addition to remote consultations, visitors can also consult experts face-to-face and participate in activities such as free consultations. Thanks to the development of Internet technology, venue exchanges will break the limitations of time and space, making global high-quality medical resources within reach.
              Through the exhibition platform, integrate high-quality medical resources at home and abroad, so that visitors can connect with famous hospitals around the world without going abroad, and make comparisons and selections on the spot, which will help them select reliable and cost-effective medical service institutions; For industry insiders, this industry event is an excellent opportunity and best testimony of market recovery. It can help exhibitors and companies quickly understand the latest industry trends at home and abroad, expand more cooperation channels for major health projects, and seek ways out in multiple ways , And industry colleagues to contribute to market recovery.

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