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              Guangdong Chuangshi Inheritance Clinic boosts China's non-public medical development!

              Uphold the original aspiration, build the future-pass on the love of blood, inherit the foundation of reproduction, and create a harmonious world. The Chuangshi Heritage Medical Clinic focuses on the whole-process fertility treatment and fetal protection services in the field of infertility. It has reached medical cooperation and technical exchange agreements with overseas medical institutions and domestic tertiary hospitals, and cooperated with the establishment of an infertility pan-medical consortium , And build a comprehensive consultation service "Cloud and Doctor" Internet platform for infertility patients, and actively participate in the construction of the national hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system.
              According to data from the Guangdong Industry and Commerce Information Network, in order to implement the spirit of the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Forwarding the Opinions of the Ministry of Health of the Development and Reform Commission on Further Encouraging and Guiding Social Capital to Set up Medical Institutions" (Guobanfa [2010] No. 58). Since 2010, the number of non-public medical institutions in Guangdong has grown from more than 10,000 (excluding dental and dermatological hospitals) to more than 21,000. In ten years, the growth rate was as high as 201%! At the same time, compared with public medical institutions, the overall number has exceeded 52.4%.
               Actively participate in social medical services and promote the development of non-public medical services
              In line with the development spirit of the national medical field, it also responds to the call for the construction of non-public primary medical care in Guangdong Province. Chuangshi Heritage Investment Group also took advantage of the "decade of rapid changes in the basic medical industry" and established the Chuangshi Heritage Medical Clinic.
              The outpatient department focuses on the entire process of infertility treatment and fetal protection services. It has reached medical cooperation and technical exchange agreements with overseas medical institutions and domestic tertiary hospitals, cooperated with the establishment of infertility pan-medical consortium, and established non-fertility The “Cloud and Doctor” Internet platform, a comprehensive consultation service for pregnant patients, actively participates in the construction of the national hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system.
              Use technology to solve the difficulties of the masses and overcome difficult diseases with technology
              Chuangshi Inheritance Clinic established the "Cloud Doctor" online diagnosis and treatment platform, reached joint diagnosis and treatment cooperation with domestic tertiary, second-level hospitals, county-level hospitals and community outpatient clinics, actively cooperated with the construction of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment medical consortium, and promoted the optimal allocation of regional medical resources , And established a "cloud and doctor" Internet consultation and consultation platform on this basis, and actively participate in the construction of the nationwide online diagnosis and treatment system through online appointment, remote consultation and health consultation services.
              With the continuous development and gradual coverage of domestic 5G technology, the region and scope of benefits continue to expand. The problem of "difficult to see a doctor" is overcome with the power of science and technology. To achieve the goal of "health for all".
              Medical Practice Without Borders · Watching Family
              Chuangshi inheritance investment group upholds the original intention of serving the people's health, responds to the country's request for deepening the reform and construction of the rural medical system, and actively carries out public consultation activities for primary medical care. From June to December 2019, a total of more than 30 events of "National Public Welfare Consultation by Famous Doctors" were held, covering all provincial capitals in South China and Southwest my country, via Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Nanning, Guiyang, Chongqing, Haikou, Zhanjiang More than 20 cities, including Maoming, Zhuhai, Fuzhou, etc., invited more than 80 famous doctors in total, successfully helped more than 300 families, and exerted a wide range of influence in the domestic medical industry.
              Collusion, discuss the big plan, win-win, just now
              The opportunity to cooperate with Chuangshi inheritance is here! 2020 Shanghai International Medical Tourism Exhibition
              Want to open up a new chapter in China's non-public medical care together with Genesis Heritage? From November 10-12, 2020, Guangdong Chuangshi Heritage will be invited to participate in the "15th Shanghai International Medical Tourism Exhibition" hosted by Guangzhou Zhenghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. We look forward to discussing cooperation matters with the guests.

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              • address:Room 713, Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre, No. 8 Pazhou
              • E-mail:zhenghe@expozh.com

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