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              I. Costs of booths 

               Type of enterprise  

                 Land costs(From 36㎡)   

                 Standard cost(Add 10% for double-sided openings) 

              Domestic enterprises    RMB 2500/㎡/Fair    RMB23000/ 9㎡/Fair

              Overseas enterprises

                 USD 550/㎡/Fair


              [Technical or product promotion seminar ]

              Charge standard: 150-200 people conference room, RMB 12,000 yuan / 25 minutes, overseas companies: USD 2500/25 minutes

              [Proceedings and Exhibition Advertising]
              The specification of the conference catalogue is 130MM × 210MM. Enterprises that cannot participate for some reason can also choose to advertise in the conference catalogue and exhibition hall.

              [Related Paid Advertising]

               Admission tickets 30,000 yuan / 100,000 tickets, admission tickets 15,000 yuan, exhibition tickets 10,000 yuan, flower basket 200 yuan

                Giant inflatable arches 12,000 yuan / piece Tote bag 20,000 yuan / 5,000 pieces

              【Exhibiting process】

              1、After selecting the exhibiting area and location, please complete the "Exhibition Application Form and Contract", and send it to the organizing committee with the official seal.

              2、Within 3 working days of the signing of the exhibition contract by both parties, the exhibitor shall remit the booth fee to the following account:

              Account name: Guangzhou Zhenghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

              Bank: Bank of China Guangzhou Poly International Plaza Sub-branch

                          Account number:6691 6802 7979

              3. After the exhibitors have remitted the fees, please send the bank transfer slip to the email address: zhenghe@expozh.com for confirmation;

              4. The principle of booth order allocation: "Apply first, pay first, arrange first", double-sided open booths will be charged an additional 10%;
              5、In order to ensure the overall image of the exhibition, the organizing committee reserves the right to negotiate with the exhibitors to adjust the booth position.

              Contact us

              The national hotline

              • Mobile phone:020-8413 8131
              • address:Room 713, Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre, No. 8 Pazhou
              • E-mail:zhenghe@expozh.com

              The organizer

              Support unit

              Pay attention to our

              Scan, pay close attention to us

              Scan, focus on weibo

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