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              1. China's medical tourism has broad prospects

              In 2017, the National Health and Family Planning Commission reported that there are about 50 million infertile people in China. The cancer center data show that about 3.8 million new cases of cancer occur each year, accounting for 1/4 of the world's; white paper on white-collar health in China shows that 91% of the elites and 86% of the high-income groups are in a sub-health state; China is in the stage of population aging, with a significant increase in the proportion of people aged 25 to 49, and a promising market for anti-aging. This group is increasingly demanding IVF, intensive care, precision physical examination and anti-aging services. At the same time, the huge population technology has led to the accurate quality of domestic high-quality medical resources. Coupled with the problems of the introduction of the previous technology and the introduction of new drugs, the Chinese people’s demand for health has increased dramatically, and the demand for quality medical services has surpassed that of any country. .

              2. Contact and meet more target customers

              For international hospitals or medical services, the spread of cross-border information and increasingly strict advertising laws have limited their corporate advocacy. Many high-quality medical resources have not reached the high-end medical needs of the group, the International Medical Tourism Exhibition Each exhibition of the organizer spends huge sums of money on the promotion and promotion of accurate promotion: select one-to-one precision survey and invitation among the hundreds of thousands of telephone data resources; in high-end residential, Grade A office buildings, department stores Such high-quality resource advertising sites use elevator frame advertising, audio advertising, and parking lot to carry out accurate coverage of high-end crowds; advertising in the subway and network, and media cooperation with hospitals where the exhibition is held.

              After the organizer's comprehensive recruitment layout, more high-end and demanding groups know the exhibition and visit the exhibition, which makes the exhibitors more beneficial, and can accurately connect with the target group at the exhibition site. According to the survey, the average cost of using the show to reach customers is 40% of the cost of other advertising methods.。

              3. Medical big gatherings to understand the industry's cutting-edge information

              Each exhibition brings together more than 200 international hospitals and medical service institutions in China/USA/Japan/Germany/Thailand/Ukraine and other countries and regions, focusing on multi-country assisted reproductive technology, Japanese precision medical examination, European and American severe treatment, Korean medicine American anti-aging technology for plastic surgery, Germany and Switzerland.

              The exhibition site provides opportunities for research competition and cooperation. On the one hand, you can observe information such as peer products/prices and marketing strategies, which is an important reference for your development of near-term or long-term planning; On the other hand, the high-end medical needs of customers are not single. For example, people with anti-aging needs will also have medical examination requirements, which means that enterprises with different medical resources can promote cooperation and mutual sharing of customers. The purpose of mutual benefit and win-win.

              4. Expand the influence of hospitals or medical service institutions

              International Medical Tourism Exhibition invites mainstream video websites such as Iqiyi, Youku, Tudou, Tencent, etc. to conduct on-site reports or interviews with exhibitors at each exhibition site. In addition, the exhibition will be in the Phoenix Media, today's headlines, Sohu News, Tencent News, UC headlines, a little information and other mainstream media, as well as China's good doctors, seeking medical advice, China Health News, China Health Industry Network, 99 Health Network, China Health Network, Health Home, People's Health Network, Southern Health Network, Medical Network, Mommy Baby Network, Health Daily, China Health Network, China Parenting Subnet, Mommy Baby Network, Global Health Network and other major health industry websites and The website of the exhibition venue will send promotional texts of dozens of websites, and exhibitors will spread the product or service information through the above channels, which can further increase the exposure of the company.

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